Winter On Block Island

Winter has settled on Block Island! Check out the little icebergs in Great Salt Pond that we saw this week. 

You know we have to plug Block Island Coffee as the perfect way to keep warm during the chill of the season. Shop to get your favorite coffee. And with Valentines Day coming up, you might also want to consider giving your loved one the gift of delicious, Rhode Island based coffee.

Did you miss this week's Where's Winston? It was a little special...a family connection with Block Island Coffee.

This week he was at the Old Island Pub with my niece Paige who runs the pub with my brother Nat. Our father started the tradition back in the 1960s of doing a census of all people on Block Island on Groundhog Day 2/2. Locals would convene and do a grass roots count. The first count wasn’t in a bar setting, as there were no bars open in the winter. Nat and Paige continue the tradition at the Old Island Pub and this year there will be food and libations and a new Groundhog t-shirt. We are proud of this tradition started by my father, John Donnelly, Albion Slate, and others!

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Hope you all have a great week! Sending a Hug in a Mug!

With Gratitude,
Thank you for supporting my small business, I couldn't do this without you!

Kerri ☕& Winston 🐾