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Happy Monday! Once again we had a great week at the Farmers Market on Block Island. The wind was blowing a little cooler and it is a reminder that Autumn is on its way! Be sure to stop by as we wind down the summer season on the island and stock up this Saturday from 9-1130. Our table is right next to the Scones and Stones ladies, in the back corner.

Need your favorite blends of Block Island Coffee delivered? We have some options for you...all available to ship worldwide!

Whether you prefer Mohegan Bluff Medium Roast which has a smooth, mild taste that’s not too strong and not too weak or Black Rock Dark Roast which is a strong bodied, smooth, coffee that makes it easy to welcome the day, we have 12 oz  or 5 lb packages of ground or whole bean. Coffee for you or your whole family or office!

We are proud to only use beans bearing Rainforest Alliance certification which means the beans have been harvested from farms that meet standards that require social, environmental, and economic sustainability.  

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Did you miss this past week's Where's Winston feature on social media? He was looking for cats at the Yellow Kittens Tavern on Block Island! 

Last week Block Island Coffee was enjoyed at Center Harbor, Maine! We love seeing where and how you are enjoying our coffee so feel free to send along pictures to be featured here and on social media!

Once again, we raise our mugs to you all this week. 

Please follow our social accounts for information on events, our coffees, and to enjoy our new 'Where's Winston" feature! 

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With Gratitude,

Thank you for supporting my small business, I couldn't do this without you!

Kerri & Winston