Block Island Coffee Is Being Enjoyed Everywhere!

The first place is the place where we live! We were at our spot at the Block Island Farmers Market at Legion Park on Saturday and we were so happy to see this trio of Farmers Market Regulars from East Greenwich. I hope you enjoy every relaxing cup!

This week I won't be at the Farmers Market, but you will still be able to get your Block Island Coffee at my niece Paige's table: "In A Pickle."

While we love to meet our customers in person at the Farmers Market, we know that for some, online shopping is what they like. You can order our coffees at our website and get them conveniently delivered straight to your door. 

In fact, I've been very busy getting packages ready for shipment across the country...and the world! 

Block Island Coffee is on its way to Germany and in the next few days will be winging its way across the pond to England. Maybe we can even be the beverage of choice at teatime!

Our customer Jaime is enjoying Block Island Coffee while vacationing in Center Harbor, Brooklin, Maine. In fact, he wants everyone to know that "My COVID staycation is all about relaxing with my favorite cup of joe.You can take Block Island Coffee anywhere, even in the remote waters of Maine!"

In the meantime, a package of Block Island Coffee was delivered to a more Southerly locale. Our customer Rachel has enjoyed some time in Mississippi, but was thrilled to get a little taste of home in the mailbox. "I was so excited to get my coffee, I bought two new mugs! This girl will always be a Rhode Islander no matter where I am and opening your package made me smile!"

We are so glad that we can bring our coffee joy to others...and we raise our  mugs to you all!

Please follow our social accounts for information on events, our coffees, and to enjoy our new 'Where's Winston" feature! 

With Gratitude,
Thank you for supporting my small business, I couldn't do this without you!

Kerri ☕& Winston 🐾